In order to propose the most innovative solutions, combining various approaches and competences, I regularly work with other business partners. Coaches, consultants, collective intelligence facilitators, mediators, you will find the list of my privileged partners below:

Thomas Emmanuel Gérard - Mindful Intelligence

Thomas is an Executive Coach, Facilitator in Collective Intelligence and teacher of Mindfulness. His interventions are in french, English or Spanish. Legal expert and speaker by training, Thomas worked within international cooperation and sustainable development fields before dedicating himself to coaching and facilitating for individuals, teams and organisations. His professional experience led him to be familiar with very diverse types of organisations: blue-chip companies, territorial communities, NGO, associations, scientific research institutes but also syndicates, ONU agencies, European commission and ministry cabinets. Thomas has been practicing Mindfulness daily for several years. Based on the validation of the benefits of this practice by neuroscience, Thomas chose to incorporate this practice at the heart of his work (BIO PDF, in french)

Raynald Faure

Raynald Faure is an individual and team coach. He coaches directors and managers on managing stress, taking up a new role, the development of managerial competences and team cohesion. He uses a systemic approach to help his clients better understand the complexity of their environment and implement harmonious dynamics. He also integrates relational and psychological dimensions in his change management approach. Hi approach focuses both on performance (individual or collective ) and on the well-being of the individuals so as to favor the development and the sustainability of the organisation.



Recognised expert company in the coaching business of organisations, their directors and teams. Undici’s team of coaches and trainers favor a simple approach using tools especially adapted to issues of change, managing complexity, intercultural dynamics, values and culture of the organisation, interpersonal communication, shared governace and collective intelligence. Their mission is to place people at the center of business. Business is doing together something that has meaning for the community.


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