The coaching that I received from Christelle did something extraordinary for me – she helped me heal myself. Not in some vague and esoteric sense, but in a very practical and analytical way. She used her skills and her tools to cut through all the clutter of Life and have me pinpoint and define the actual issues for me. Then facilitated me in finding my own realistic and pragmatic solutions. Solutions that I believe in and that have worked for me. I can’t emphasisE enough how effective she has been in helping me get back on track. Thanks Christelle.”

Dr. T. A., UK, Individual Coaching

She helps one to realize who you are and what you are made of. The time spend with her seriously equiped me to face any work related challenges and beyond

Compensation and benefit supervisor, Nigeria – Training Workshop

This training was very enlightening to me. It was such a wonderful experience working with Christelle. She is a very good listener and very passionate about imparting knowledge. I have learned to become a better listener, show empathy to my team members, give constructive feedbacks and not impose solutions on other people.There was no dull moment during the training and she had a way of keeping me engaged throughout all the sessions. The practical aspects of the training which were adapted to my environment made it even more interesting.

Unyime, Nigeria, Training Workshop



This training helped me to communicate better with my manager”

Fuad, Indonesia, Training Workshop

The work I did with Christelle was around developing my self-confidence and finding my path. I have been able to admire her competence, patience, teaching skills, her knowledge of human behaviours, her positive mindset. When i was discouraged,she would focus on the rocess and show me the positive aspects. With her help, my problems were de-dramatised, and i acquired tools she taught me to use. I was struck and nourished by her faith in human beings, her resources, her benevolence, her listening skills – where she gives total space – her intuition, and her questions which open things up. With her, I felt like someone, I felt full of energy. I thank her and I am a witness of her tremendous human and professional qualities.

N.G., France, Individual Coaching

Her listening skills, her empathy and her benevolence are but a few qualities she was able to give me to allow me to have great insights, in particular with regards to my personality and competences. The relevance of her questions also gave me momentum to reach my objective. She was for me a facilitator and a positive energy boost. A big thank you to Christelle for her professional and personal qualities which she naturally contributes in service of others.

Irène, Martinique, Individual Coaching



I have known Christelle for a number of years now, and would recommend her strongly. She has a strong sense of purpose, a drive and ambition to realise her purpose, and I have found her to be an exceptional communicator. Christelle has a strong presence in front of groups, and is able to bring across her ideas to others in a way they can relate to.

Pete Hamill, Senior Consultant, Roffey Park Institute, UK

First impression was that of friendliness and kind eyes. She was professional and the training meant so much to me at this point of my career and marriage life. It changed the way I viewed other people and helped me to work under pressure comfortably without giving in to emotional influence. i practice the power of the mind in my healthy lifestyle journey and it works ! Because even when my body says “I can’t”, my mind says “I can”“.

Edidiond Eshiet, Senior Buyer, Nigeria, Training Workshop

Over the years I have worked with Christelle, she has repeatedly demonstrated an ability to coach individuals and help them to recognise their strengths and value both as individuals and to the organisation. Her caring of and understanding for the welfare and personal development of others is admirable and highly beneficial in a high pressure work environment.

Debra Woods, Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer Ltd, UK

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