Discover how to (re)-connect to your best self and others through interactive and practical workshops. Built to respect the latest neuroscience research around sustainable learning, these workshops allow deep and lasting change. The workshops are adjusted to your needs in terms of content and time duration.

Examples of popular themes:

• The fundamentals of management
• Develop you individual and/or team leadership
• Manage change better and/or help others to
• Develop your interpersonal skills
• Working in a team
• Manage conflicts
• Manage your stress or your émotions
• Develop your emotional intelligence
• Develop your assertiveness and your self-confidence
• Understand and improve your intercultural communication
• Gain time

An approach bridging science and consciousness

A holistic approach

Taking into account the whole person, both on an individual basis – in their cognitive (thoughts), emotional (feelings), behavioral (actions) aspects – and a systemic basis – relational, organisational aspects…

A conscious and experiential approach

Learning through practice, during and in between sessions, of tools and practices taken from various disciplines (behavioral, cognitive, meditative etc.), allowing to push beyond the limits of our unconscious brains and develop the unexplored capacities of our conscious mind.


A scientifically based approach

Grounded in the latest research (cognitive neuroscience and other sciences) in order to facilitate and sustain change, understanding and awareness of self and others.


Christelle’s coaching did something extraordinary for me…

Dr T. A.

Business Development Manager

… I was able to admire her competence, patience, teaching skills, her understanding of human behaviours, her positive mindset…

N. G.

… Christelle has a strong presence in front of groups, and is able to bring across her ideas to others in a way they can relate to.

Pete Hamill

Leadership Consultant & Author

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